You know it might be time for a rebrand, but it all feels so overwhelming. I get it! It's a big topic and there are lots of experts to listen to. Kick overwhelm to the curb and get some clarity with the "How to Rebrand with Confidence" series. 

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You know those conversations where your mouth is moving, but your head is telling you to "STOP!" Laura asked me about a trainwreck of a client conversation.

The reason I shared this particular story is to show how I used humility and empathy to get the project back on track. It took a LOT of learning to get to that point, but it is doable! You can actually have a BETTER relationship after some terrible conversations if you can learn why it became terrible in the first place.

Back on track after a wrong turn

Brian and I love helping small businesses succeed. We've been helping clients for decades and we noticed that where we shine is in helping repair or replace the supporting structures of the business.

Once those are in place, you're able to make smart decisions that help you reach your goals. You also sleep better knowing you might get knocked down, but you'll never get knocked. 

Bonus: my New Jersey accent might show up!

Build a Biz Foundation that lasts

We wanted to explore some of the lessons that could be extrapolated from the lessons I've learned working with horses and to see what we could learn about the creative process and life itself..Short-version is that there was LOADS. Some takeaways, how horses:

  • Teach us certain qualities that are essential for getting where we wanna go in life.
  • Can give you FEEDBACK about your own ego and what you have going on with your own 'stuff'.
  • Show us a better way into managing our own intuition and instincts.

Horses + Creativity = Realness

Five minutes. Twenty Slides. A laser focused look at what a herd of horses can teach you about your culture whether you have a team or  you're company of one. 

I highly encourage you to try an exercise like this (share a key idea in 5 minutes) to get to the heart of your ideas and what drives your process and solutions.

Lessons on Culture from the Herd

We covered a lot of ground in this conversation because Kat and Ashleigh asked insightful questions and followed the threads where we could go deeper and explore. 

A big takeaway is how curiosity is a powerful tool to learn about what can amplify your chances of success and add to your expertise and skill set.

Transforming Brands & Leadership Styles

Lots of layers to this conversation. I sat down with my mentor, Hillary Schneider, and we discuss how we can blend the wisdom of horses into how we serve.

We talk about how I blended brand strategy, leadership coaching and a lifetime of learning from horses. We  practically about how you can build a business that's aligned with your strengths.

Horse Wisdom & Branding

Where do most insights and breakthroughs come from?

For me it's in conversations, click below to take a listen to some of my favorites... 

Podcasts & Workshops

Drawing out your vision

Do you find that you think in pictures and diagrams to make sense of systems and complex information? You might find this episode appealing.

Amanda and I spoke about "Visual Facilitation" and sketchnotes and how taking something I thought was a time-waster (doodling) and found a modality and business tool that greatly improved results for my brand strategy clients. 

Managing & Building Your Brand

I sit down with Kelly Brozyna and Brian Moran and we discuss how brands have changed over the past few years and several ways business owners can strengthen their brands while avoiding common mistakes.

We talk about the importance of authenticity and congruence. We also uncover why the most compelling part of your brand may be one that you overlook.

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You’ll hear from me twice-ish monthly with lessons and prompts that you can put into action as well as the occasional funny thing I found on the internet.

This is NOT a boring newsletter.

You’ll hear from me twice-ish monthly with branding and leadership lessons and prompts that you can put into action as well as the occasional funny thing I found on the internet.

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