My brand development and business strategy services are designed to take your vision and bring it to life. You’ll get a solid foundation and the know-how and confidence to build your business and work with clients you love.

Whether you need a sounding-board session to get unstuck and get a confidence boost or you need a total brand overhaul, I’ve got you covered. 

You know what you want to do. Let’s make it even MORE you. Brand development for wise women who want to do work that matters. 

Let's do this

And, you're ready to build a brand that showcases that work.

You know that work you’re passionate about that you tell yourself you’ll do “someday?”

Now is the time to do it and to finally have a brand that looks, sounds and feels like you. You’ve built brands and businesses before, so you know what it takes to rebrand (and when it’s time). 

Ready to cry tears of joy when you see your new brand because it reflects the deep essence of you and your work? Let’s help you level-up and lead with confidence.

You’re ready to do work that matters

You’re ready to build something that’s yours

You’re not alone. In my 20 years in the branding industry, about 90% of my clients come to me because something “just feels off” with their brand.

If you have the sense that it's time for a change, I can help you figure out what needs shifting. "Branding" has come to mean so many different things, of course it's confusing.

Before you start designing a new website or overhauling your business strategy, let's talk.

You’ve spent years earning certifications and taking other people’s training programs. Each time you use these new tools and techniques, you weave some of your magic into it. You realize that you’ve developed (and have been intuitively using) your own process.

It’s time to get this out of your head and on to paper and create your signature process, which can become a book, a facilitation tool, a certification or the new brand platform that you’re known for.

You want a sounding board and someone that can help you not only map-out the ideas, but also provide some accountability and guidance as you take action. 

Something feels "off" in your branding, and you don't know where to start

You’re here because...

• Feel clear and confident when building your brand and business

• Define what success looks like for YOU and know how to achieve it in your own step-by-step process

• Be proud to share your brand & website and feel so happy that it feels like you

Do purpose-fueled work and make a profit.

It’s possible for you to...

- Bev Barnes
Founder of the Soul's Calling Academy

She totally "got" the steps that were most important to me, how I wanted everything to feel, and what I wished to express. Jocelyn has the mind of an experienced business strategist with the heart of an artist, healer, and guide. I adore working with her!

'Jocelyn's genius is being able to really listen with her whole self'

- Karen Post

Jocelyn is one of my most trusted advisors for critical business challenges. It’s rare to find someone with such a rounded perspective on business and personal growth.

'Jocelyn is one of my most trusted advisors for critical business challenges'

• You’re ready to do work that matters to you, but your current brand DOES NOT fit

• The ideas feel clear AND messy at the same time, so you want to make sure your branding team really understands your position and messaging

• In addition to a beautiful new brand, you could use some confidence boosting as you level up

This is exactly what you’ll get when we work together. You get a seasoned brand-building pro who is also an intuitive coach and horse you’ll get solid strategy, a judgement-free space to talk about your dreams and visions and an authentic brand that looks and feels like you.

I understand how important this work is to you. We’ll take the time to explore all the possibilities and rabbit holes to find what feels true and grounded for you, so you feel like you’re crystal clear on your business and brand.

You’ll leave with confidence and the wisdom to grow your brand your way.

Let’s work together to build and launch a full brand that feels 100% you. 

Brand Magic

• Complete your pre-work so we can dive-in to start problem-solving. Each week, I'll give you homework that guides you through my Brand Magic strategy process

• Sit back and talk, I’ll take detailed visual notes and literally map out your strategy plan in each session

• Receive support and accountability each session as you take action during your intensive

Some things that previous clients have completed days and weeks after a Brand Magic Intensive:

• Pivoted the business and replaced old revenue stream
• Completed a rebrand that had been at a standstill for months
• Mapped out business & brand strategy and product offerings
• Created signature keynote and booked paid speaking engagements 
• Streamlined product portfolio to 3 most profitable offers (and raised rates).

In this 4-session intensive, we’ll figure out what’s working in your brand and business and what’s not. You’re not quite ready for a complete overhaul of your brand, but you want a brand strategy guide, support, sounding-board and accountability as you make some changes to your business and level-up.

Some clients will take this and run with it, but if you want help building your brand out you can use this work and investment towards the full Brand Magic offering. 

Brand Magic Intensive

• Complete your pre-work so we can dive-in to start problem-solving 

• Sit back and talk, I’ll take detailed visual notes and literally map out your core brand message and ideal client

• Receive recording of our meeting, so you have everything we talked about

Some things that previous clients have completed days and weeks after a Magic in Your Message :

• Created and launched a new marketing plan 
• Sold out a new group program
• Streamlined offerings to two that increased profits
• Finished writing a book and finally got it published 
• Mapped out content for a YEAR and launched weekly newsletter

In this 90-minute intensive, we'll unpack everything you’re currently doing in your business, cut through the clutter and map out your core message and ideal client 

The Magic in Your Message

What’s the end goal? 

Delight. Pride. Confidence. Tears of joy. A clear path forward lined with lots of laughs. 

Here’s what some clients have experienced after this program:

• New found confidence and brand love (no more website shame)

• Filling programs with ideal clients at new higher rates

• Marketing that feels aligned, fun and easy (no more “icky” or exhausting tasks)

• On-boarding new team members so they could lead their business

• Growing the brand without having to overhaul it every six months

Here’s what to do next:

1. Fill out the application 

2. Allow me 48 hours to review

3. I’ll send you next steps and instructions to book Discovery Call

Ready to level-up your brand and build a business around the work you really want to do?

- Angie Byrd
Creator of WILD Studio

She is not only an actual horse whisperer, but a brand whisperer as well. Her brand coaching process made a visual map of the many, many words floating around in my brain. She is a gifted listener and I cried the first time I saw my logo and brand visuals. She’s the real deal.

'She has an innate ability to see people and draw out the magic that is in each of us'

- Christina Merkley

Jocelyn’s step-by- step guidance (including her dynamic visual mapping) takes the drudgery out of identity/brand work and makes it fast, clear, highly useful and applicable. She’s also there as a champion and guide to implement effectively … helped me get fast results in attracting better, more aligned clients from across the globe. She’s more than ‘just building a plan’ she busts that plan out into a real life!

'She’s more than ‘just building a plan’ she busts that plan out into a real life!'

Yes, I do. 

It says you’re a brand coach for wise women. Do you work with men?

Crafting a brand strategy means taking a deep, holistic dive into your vision and goals. We sort through all of your past work and experiences, find what makes you unique and dial that that everything you create in your brand feels aligned, authentic and easy to create. All your touchpoints will feel cohesive and when anyone sees them, they’ll know it’s your brand and business. The strategy for your brand is a foundation and platform that you can use to confidently grow your business. Together we’ll co-create your mission, vision, offerings, visual assets, brand voice and messaging. You'll have all the ingredients you need to share and market your work.

What is Brand Strategy?

I do not, but I work with web designers and that can be part of a Brand Magic package. Some clients have their own web designers and the Brand Magic strategy builds you a foundation, brand visuals & language and brand plan so that when it’s time to build a website, it will save you time, money and your sanity. You’ll know exactly what your website should look like, what it should say and how it should function. We’re going to build a solid foundation and map out a plan for your brand and business that you can follow and so you can lead your creative team confidently. You'll be every creative professionals favorite client after you do this work.

Do you build websites?

I’ll review your application and if it looks like we’re a good fit, you’ll get a link to book your call.

What happens after I apply?

Yes, we can discuss during your Discovery Call.

Are there options for payment for Brand Magic (total brand overhaul)?

If you feel like there’s one issue that’s got you stuck and you just need to talk through and map out a quick plan for a next step, one session will do the trick. If you want a bit more support, to map out a plan, try things and then figure out the next few steps, a month-long intensive would be best. If you are absolutely sure that a rebrand is what you’s time to create a new platform, then let’s talk about that.

Which of your offerings is right for me?

Yes! Oftentimes I collaborate with creative agencies and design firms. I help you with a deep-dive and strategy creation (my zone of genius) and then they bring your brand vision to life (through websites, marketing & social media) their zone of genius.

I’ve already started down the path of a rebrand, but I want to pause that and work with you. Do you ever do that?

Yes, I do. Those are custom-created, intensive projects for people who have a signature process that they’ve been using for coaching, consulting or facilitating and they want to create a large-scale visual to go along with it. If that sounds like you, you can book a discovery call here to see if we’re a good fit.

I’ve seen some of the Roadmaps you created (will link to a Case Study). Do you still make those?

What’s the end goal? 

Yes, this is done 100% via Zoom calls and sharing files (you’ll have your own workspace to easily keep track of everything.) 

Can we do all this work virtually?

If you want to add horse sessions to any of this work or do standalone sessions or bring a team, you can travel to Charleston, SC to experience coaching with the horses. Want to learn more about it? Send me an email and we can get that conversation started. 

How do you work with horses?

You’ll be able to start achieving results towards the goals we mapped out. I’m always excited to hear about your progress, so send me the updates about the book you finished, the website you built, how easy it is to communicate in your own voice, the course you launched or the new clients you’re working with that you adore. 

Step 3

No matter which way we work together! We’ll spend our time focusing on you and your business and figuring out how to help you make quick and meaningful progress towards your goals.

Step 2

If you’re ready to dive into a Next Best Step session or Jumpstart, you can book those and get started. If you’re looking for a total rebrand, apply to see if we’re a fit. I’ll review your application and if I think I can help, you’ll get a link to schedule a time to chat.

Step 1

Here's the plan

Browse the offerings above

Get ready for clarity and confidence

Put all those plans into action

© 2021 Jocelyn Ring



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